Sunday, July 19, 2009

~Dossier update~

Our Dossier will be translated now and submitted at the end of July!!! So hopefully we will hear about travel dates in September.

We have been working on Angie's room, painting and decorating. Gavin picked the colors purple and pink for the walls. The room had a Dr. Seuss theme before so we kept a few of the same elements but made them girly! I still need to order some fairy wall stickers and it should be done. (Gee I really hope Angie is a girly girl)

Hopefully I will be able to post some before and after pictures soon.


  1. is angie on the list for expedition? does she have any diagnosis? my stuff is STILL not done(but hoping within the week or next) and I dont wanna wait until sept to travel!! I dont I dont! I want to lie down and have a temper tantrum! My two ARE on that list of diagnosis so maybe it will go faster? I dont know enough about it to know either way. Miss Angie's smile is so bright and adorable she is the kind of girl you just want to squeese! I am so glad you are bringing her home!

  2. Angie is in a different European country than your sweet kiddos. From what I understand she is ready to come home. The catch is that the country is on summer break so we have to wait till vacation time is over to get our travel dates.

  3. We are going to be sending over our dossier in the next couple weeks too, that's our goal anyway.
    I wonder if we'll travel together!?

  4. the room sounds beautiful. i am sure Angie will adore it.