Thursday, June 25, 2009

What a great smile!!

I love this photo of Angie. It shows a little of her feisty side that I am sure that she has! I can just see her up to her elbows in trouble with her brothers!!

This the boys "helping" their dad level the sand for the pool!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Mini Update...

Our Dossier is on the truck to be delivered today!!

UPDATE: Our Dossier made it to the hands of our facilitator safe and sound!

Friday, June 19, 2009

A step closer...

I just tracked our Dossier and was surprised to see that it has already left.....PARIS, FRANCE!!! It is well on it's way Thank you FedEx.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mission Accomplished

We sent our Dossier off for Angie tonight!!
It will hopefully get there early next week for translation. Then if everything is OK we wait for a travel date for fall time!!

The Customer service was so sweet and they made airplanes for the boys.

The boys are very excited about Angie being their sister and they want her NOW. We keep explaining that it takes time and there is a lot of paperwork that needs done first.

So as we were leaving the FedEx store my little one starts yelling wait wait we forgot Angie. The cutie thought for sure that Angie was in the store and because they took our paperwork that they needed to give him his sister.

Boy I wish it was that easy!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Good news!

We think our home study is completed!

Our Agency should be getting everything Apostled this week (we hope they do it tomorrow). Then they should overnight it to us so that we can send it off for translation! Then I can worry about getting Angie's room ready and getting her clothes without monster trucks on them.

We signed with our Home study agency on April 20th. Everything has been going so fast which is great. Hopefully we can get a travel date in early fall. I would love end of Sept to mid Oct. that way I can get my boys settled in to school and we will be back in time for holiday stuff. I am so excited to go get Angie and at the same time my heart hurts about leaving my boys for that long.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The road to finding our Princess

We are so excited to bring her home and spoil her like crazy!!

What a long road to finding our little girl. We have been planning on adopting for years and always thought that we would adopt though foster care first then maybe international adoption. Well after being foster parents for 4 years we were ready to try something else and have someone stay in our family forever.

I stumbled onto Reece's Rainbow and I found this sweet little one, but another family was already committed to bringing her home. I thought if she was available I would snatch her up in a minute.

Then I remembered another great website Until all have homes and went searching. Found another sweet little girl showed her to my husband who was on the fence about International adoption. We both decided that the timing was not right and we would wait to summer time and look into Bulgaria and start the home study. Cause we figured there was no way she would still be available.

Well by springtime I was getting antsy and started looking at photo listings. I looked at Reece's Rainbow and to my surprise Angie was available and my husband was hooked. So all was great, then we remembered the sweety on Until all have homes that we both fell in love with. I of course had to check and not only was she still available........SHE WAS ANGIE!!!

We fell in love with the same little girl on 2 different photo listings!! So to us Angie was always meant to be our daughter and we are working on bringing her home.

Here is the other photo:

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wow.....first post!

The funniest thing about me starting a blog is that I am one of those people that never write or call back. I mean to and I always want to, but I don't. So this will be a personal challenge that I am looking forward to.

Well the reason for the blog is to share about our journey to getting our little girl from Eastern Europe. Please stay tuned.......